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Seasoned mixed hard and soft wood logs pick up truck load.
Seasoned mixed hard and soft wood logs pick up truck load.
Seasoned mixed hard and soft wood logs pick up truck load.
  Seasoned Mixed Hard And Soft Wood Logs Pick Up Truck Load.

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Pick up truck load of logs . Mixed hardwood and softwood. 


Hard wood is usually heavy, more dense than soft wood and will be any of the following species: Oak, Ash, Cherry. Sycamore Hawthorn or Blackthorn or Eucalyptus.


Soft wood will be lighter,less dense, faster burning and be any of the following species: Pine Cyprus, Conifer, Larch.


Product details: Thes huge 1 meter cube bags are not only great on  the quantitiy of wood that they contain but also contain smaller pieces of wood along with the logs that make great kindling with which you can start your fire! The logs can be small or large providing a good choice but will almost always be of an average size that will fit in most wood burners. The logs are seasoned 2 year old wood that will burn well but are not kiln dried. 

The logs will have been stored in our barn to keep them dry or in vented bags under tarpaulins until the point of delivery so will be dry but not kiln dried. The logs will once delivered need to be stored in a dry ventilated space for best performance.

This product quantity, for efficiancy, will now be delivered in a bulk bag containing the same quantity of logs much the same as builders merchants do using a hiab crane on a lorry to deliver! This bag is a huge 1cubic meter in measurement and holds more logs than the other product listing of 90cm bulk bags. Unless the access to your property is particually difficult for this type of lorry and then it will have to be dropped off in a smaller pick up truck! Please advise in the comments box at point of order online if access to your property is particually tight! The bag can only be dropped off 3-4 meters from the lorry.


Thank you 

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Pick up truck of hardwood only . (Approximately 200 logs )
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